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Why Hire A Private Investigator

Do you have something going on in your life that has led you to contemplate hiring an investigator?  If you have thought about it, at all, chances are you absolutely need the help.

Each year, millions of individual Americans and businesses forgo reaching out for professional help, which oftentimes leads to insufficient knowledge, proof, and therefore results or rulings.  Whether you are in the process of a divorce or custody battle, just need to know the truth, or your business needs help with background checks or surveillance, hiring a professional private investigator or firm, such as WB Investigations, can help you in more ways than you could ever imagine.  At WB Investigations, our staff and private investigators provide invaluable experience, skills, services, and end results, which clients could not get on their own.  So, if you catch yourself questioning whether or not to hire a private investigator, here are some of the MANY advantages to going through with it.

Here are some reasons why to hire a private investigator

Licensed – Private investigators are licensed and regulated by the state in which they hold the license.  In order to become licensed, a PI must pass a licensing exam, undergo a background check, and are granted permissions and rights civilians are not.

Contacts – Private investigation firms and individuals have endless resources to count on or reach out to, including police officers, lawyers, employees of the courts, insurance specialists, research specialists, and technology gurus.  This provides access to extra knowledge, specialists, resources, and equipment, and results in a more thorough job, increased results, and more detailed information.

Background – Many PIs have a background that makes them experts in the field.  In fact, many PIs have a past in law, law enforcement, insurance, research, and more.  This offers invaluable experience, knowledge, and skill.

Understanding of Law – Due to the nature of the job, background, past experiences, and licensing requirements, private investigators must be experts with the laws within their jurisdiction(s).  This helps prevent any unlawful activity from occurring and helps to prevent clients from getting into trouble.

Time – Private investigating is a PIs job.  They have the time and availability to devote to research and/or surveillance, which most clients’ lives cannot afford or allow.

Skill & Experience – Private investigators have the skill and experience, as well as knowledge of how to effectively and efficiently, uncover information, perform surveillance duties, and interview others.  Some cases can be very complex and tricky, which makes it almost impossible for a normal individual to solve.

Equipment – Many of the tools and pieces of equipment used to solve cases are not only expensive, but very rare.  Surveillance equipment incorporates different kinds of cameras, including photo and video, audio devices, and more.  Additionally, PIs have the computers, databases, and access which are needed for information.

Provide Facts/Evidence – A professional and reputable PI/firm will always provide you with evidence and facts.  A PI is never to disclose information without the evidence, in order to guarantee validity and proof.  This may include photographs, printouts, copies of records, conversations, names, dates, places, etc.  During and at the close of a case, the client should receive progress updates, in written form.

In addition to the above, there are many other advantageous factors to hiring a professional, private investigator.  As the leading investigative firm for Charlotte’s and North Carolina’s Metropolitan area, at WB Investigators we only employ licensed, private investigators with paramount knowledge, experience, and skill.

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