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Private Investigator Mountain Island Charlotte NC

Private Investigator Mountain Island, Charlotte NC

Background Checks
WB Investigations Private Investigator located in Charlotte, NC provides professional investigations for Mountain Island, Charlotte, NC. Owned and operated by a Navy Veteran, quality, dedication, and professionalism are part of who we are. Services included are listed below.

Child Neglect Investigations: If you suspect a child is being neglected, our investigation services can provide the proof needed. Children are precious and should be treated as such and WB Investigations takes each and every case as if these children were there are own. 

Background Checks: These checks provide a lot of information and details about a person that they may be hiding.  Criminal records, marital status, bankruptcies, properties owned, and any professional license a person may have.

Infidelity Investigations: Private investigators are your best resource when you suspect a spouse may be cheating. WB Investigations has the experience and knowledge to provide the truth needed. Betrayal of a spouse, unfortunately, is a common occurrence in marriage today and our services are tailored for these investigations.  

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