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Criminal Background Checks

Criminal Record Checks

Background Checks

Hiring Someone New?

Dating A Potential New Love?

Potential New Business Partner?

These are just a few reasons to consider a Criminal Records Check. Making the right decisions in life can be difficult and time-consuming, but having the right information can make these decisions a lot easier.  For example, when one is preparing to make a new hire it’s important to know the character and background of the individual in question and this is where WB Investigations can help. Many employers make the mistake of entrusting their businesses to otherwise less than desirable candidates because they can interview well and end up regretting it later only to find out that a simple and professionally done background check would have saved them the time and effort. There are limits to the searches the general public can make and here is where WB Investigations in Charlotte, NC is specifically trained and capable to assist you in this matter. You will find that the cost is non-prohibitive and the return on investment is potentially huge and possibly save you even more in the long or short run. Here are three reasons why you should hire WB Investigations.

WE ARE PROFESSIONALS: At WB Investigations we pride ourselves in providing the most knowledgeable and friendly experience in the Charlotte, NC area and surroundings. We have over 20 years of experience conducting background work and know what to look for and where to find it. We review all information provided thereby giving the client an optimal experience where they can reach out to us at any time to discuss their findings. We offer suggestions at their request and our invaluable advice.
WE HAVE THE PROPER AUTHORITY: We cannot stress how important this is. Yes, anyone can buy a background check online but the information is often lacking and unsupported. Mostly it’s not up to date and is just historical. WB Investigations has been vetted and monitored yearly for quality control standards. This in turn gives us access to the most up-to-date information available and access to files that otherwise could not be seen by the general public. It is important to stress that we are aware that such information can be used for nefarious reasons and it is why we, in turn, do our own vetting of the clients who are to receive this information. Due to the sensitive nature of the service, we are providing we make sure it doesn’t end up in the wrong hands and always for the right legal reasons.
PRECISION AND CERTAINTY: Our mission, at WB Investigations, is to offer our clients peace of mind. We achieve this through facts based on precise information thereby guaranteeing certainty of the facts to help you make the best decision possible. We are uniquely prepared to offer such information at competitive pricing and customer service that is unsurpassed in Charlotte, NC.
Calling WB Investigations in Charlotte, NC, is the first and only step you need to make. Don’t be fooled by these third-rate background checks. We always tell our clients that if they pay for those services they will end up paying twice or three times in search of the right information. So go to the right, one-stop shop and call WB Investigations today and give yourself the upper hand and right advantage.  
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