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WB Investigations Private Investigator is your local investigative agency covering all of Charlotte, NC, and the surrounding areas. They have been servicing Barclay Downs Charlotte, NC area since 2005, and have worked a countless number of cases bringing real results and answers to our client’s questions and doubts. This is the number one company with the highest standards of service and ideals. Their knowledge and expertise are unsurpassed. Our compassion and humanity are what makes WB Investigations Private Investigator stand out from other investigators. We tell it like it is as we are a no-nonsense agency that values honesty and integrity. Sometimes the truth is hard to swallow but it’s a necessity to move forward and have favorable outcomes. 

As your neighbor in the Barclay Downs area, WB Investigations Private Investigator is well recognized as the investigator’s investigator. Companies from around the world have relied on their expertise to bring forth results all while leaving not a single mark on their subject’s consciousness. From workplace-related wrongful termination suits to suspicion of malfeasance on behalf of employees, WB Investigations Private Investigator has seen it all. As our owner states it, “We work each case as if it were our own”- William Batista.
The Barclay Downs Charlotte NC area has many choices and we welcome the comparison because we know that when the dust settles and a choice needs to be made we will be the right choice if the client values experience and truth. The Barclay Downs and surrounding areas have been benefiting from our services and will continue to do so for years to come. WB Investigations Private Investigator is highly recommended and highly sought after. Not every case that comes across their board is taken up but those that are received unparalleled service and commitment. We deliver quickly and efficiently. No more waiting around for your results, no more excuses. So call today and get the service and attention you deserve in Charlotte, NC, and beyond. Thank you Barclay Downs for reading this and taking us under consideration. You are the most precious resource and we are here for you.
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