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WB Investigations has performed professionally and demonstrates exquisite communication and time management relating to our family case. My late father was a private investigator. My father would be very proud of another professional who holds the same morals, values, and beliefs as he did. I can honestly say that WB Investigations made me feel at ease with our case and the demographics. This company believes in their clients and the individuals involved and are knowledgeable of the state laws. My family would recommend WB investigations to anyone out there in need. They remind me of my favorite quote, ” Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care”. Way to go guys!
Diana Matherly

The best investigator I have ever worked with. I cannot stress this enough – if you need a Private Investigator in Charlotte, hire this one.

I had a very complicated situation whereby I needed a person to be physically located and reported on. I went with a competitor at first, and spent more than a month getting strung along. After hiring WB, within ONE BUSINESS DAY the person was found, photographed, and reported on. I was blown away.

I sincerely don’t know how he did it. It is definitely not something an amateur could have ever pulled off in a year, let alone ONE DAY. Needless to say, I’m satisfied.

If you need a Private Investigator in Charlotte USE THIS ONE. Don’t think twice. Quick communication, transparency and clarity in billing, and professionalism.

Alexander Jones
Very prompt and accurate work and fairly priced too! Highly recommend
Chris McGowan
I needed help finding a long lost relative. All I had is a name and not much else. William reached out to me personally and went to work. Within a couple of hours I had information on the person I was searching for. With that information I was able to connect with relatives I didn’t know existed. It was as if my family grew overnight. I am very grateful for William and WB investigations.
Tammy Thomas-Bennett
This company was recommended to me through a person I work with. I found WB investigations to be very professional and knowledgeable, showed timely responses to my questions, and put my needs at top priority. I would definitely recommend WB investigations to another friend. Excellent work.
Matthew Bonura
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