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Background Checks Cornelius NC

Background Checks Cornelius NC

Background checks Cornelius NC

Comprehensive Background Checks in Cornelius NC

As an industry leader in Cornelius, NC, WB Investigations is obviously your trusted source for reliable and thorough background checks. With our expertise and commitment to delivering fast results, we offer a wide range of professional background check services.

Nanny Background Checks

When the safety of your children is of concern, no investigation is too great. In today’s world, it is essential to know who you are dealing with in regard to the person who is in caring for your children, especially when you cannot be there yourself.

While background checks provide valuable information, it’s important to note that they don’t reveal an individual’s character or ethics. To make the best decision for your children or child, conducting family interviews, asking relevant questions, and performing comprehensive research is crucial. By taking these additional steps, it will help you decide who is the best fit for your family.

Pre-Employment Background Checks

In Cornelius, NC, WB Investigations specializes in offering previous employment record checks to employers. Our comprehensive checks include social media analysis, verification of credentials, reference checks, credit history reports, and criminal record searches.

Criminal Background Checks

Our team at WB Investigations prioritizes your safety with our comprehensive criminal background checks. With our background checks of criminal records, you can check crucial insights into an individual’s criminal history. By conducting these types of checks, you prevent any potential harm and provide yourself with information to help make informed decisions. Don’t hesitate to prioritize your safety. Let our team get you the information needed to protect you and your loved ones. 

Locating Individuals

With WB Investigations, you can rely on our investigators’ expertise to efficiently locate any person who has gone missing or doesn’t want to be found. We cater to various needs, including reuniting loved ones and assisting estate executors and attorneys in finding individuals who have been missing or hard to find. Our background services utilize cutting-edge technology and an extensive database to track down missing persons quickly. With our team of professional investigative personnel who have years of experience, you can count on WB  in locating or tracing your lost family member or any persons needed for legal proceedings.

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