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Utilizing Private investigator in Matthews NC is a popular way to get the piece of mind and the truth one may be seeking. They are widely used to handle a variety of investigations but not limited to investigating insurance fraud, serving documents, undertaking surveillance on employees and investigating spousal fidelity. These days there are many roles that a private investigator can assume to help provide safety and security needs for individuals and businesses.

One of the first types of investigations that many private investigators in Matthews NC are asked to accomplish is the investigation of insurance fraud. Insurance fraud is often not a high priority for the Police as you need a certain degree of evidence before they step in and the ability to gain evidence is beyond the reach of most companies. Therefore, many companies seek the services of a private investigator to gather the necessary proof that is needed to decide whether or not an individual is cheating their insurance provider. Once he or she is hired that will gather evidence by photographing, recording and taking notes of the individual’s behavior and prove whether or not they are engaging in insurance fraud.

The second type of investigation and easily the most sought after by individuals is spousal surveillance. There are a wide variety of reasons to hire someone to conduct surveillance on your behalf. One of the most common monitoring jobs is looking into the possible infidelity of a spouse. Each year countless men and women who suspect their partner of having an extramarital affair will hire a private investigator to determine whether it is taking place. Through the implementation of state of the art equipment, these trained professionals can retrieve the necessary evidence that can then be used in divorce court or to settle prenuptial disputes.

The third type investigation is surveillance, when employers want to watch the activities of an employee they feel may be engaged in dishonest behavior. A private investigator can employ the same monitoring techniques on the employee that they do on cheating spouses. Often these employees are in fact stealing from the workplace or worse selling information to competing companies.

A forth type that private investigators in Matthews NC are hired for is the serving of legal documents. Serving documents for small claims court, tenancy boards or any other legal institution is an important part of the justice system. A lot of people are afraid of the confrontation that may arise when serving the person they are taking to court and. These people often look to a personal investigator to deliver the documents on their behalf. These professionals are trained to handle any combative situation that may arise when an individual is surprised with the news that they are being summoned to court.

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