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Private Investigator Cost

Investigator Cost Charlotte NC


Certain factors come into play when hiring a Private Investigator, one of the most important aspects is the potential client’s budget which will be dedicated to the case they wish to initiate. With that in mind the client must make a sound decision based on several facts which govern (for the most part) the private investigator industry.

-Most Private Investigators charge services based on an hourly rate, unless previously specified.

-Most Private Investigators, like attorneys and law firms, charge a retainer before initiation.

-Some Private Investigators charge an initial consultation fee..WB Investigations, never charges a fee for any consultation, telephone call or text.

-Pricing is based on certain factors to include ” Location, complexity of the work and expertise of the private investigator”. (Like most aspects in life, ” you get what you pay for”, WB Investigations is truly one of the best agencies in the Charlotte regions with some of the best reviews.)

-Quotes are given on a case by case basis, WB Investigations always has the client’s best interest in mind and while this is our livelihood we also believe in fair treatment and respect.

-We accept all forms of payments.

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