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Nanny Background Check

Nanny Background Check

Nanny Background Check

Background Checks
Hiring a nanny can be a daunting task filled with much anxiety and time-consuming measures but with our, Nanny Background Check it doesn’t have to be this way. WB Investigations has experience and capability of helping parents make sure who they are hiring is not only capable of doing the job but also the right person to do the job. We know the horror stories concerning hired individuals who might be capable but otherwise untrustworthy or unreliable at best. While a nanny background check doesn’t tell the full story it does give us a glimpse into what we can expect when making a hiring decision and no decision is more personal and important than when hiring a nanny or child care service for your child or children.
Our children are the most important thing in our lives and hiring someone who will be watching them for countless hours is difficult but through the use of a nanny background check, we can feel safe that for the most part they will be well taken care of. We always tell our clients that the best possible way and safest way is to use a nanny agency that is licensed and insured and has a great track record. But if you decide to go on your own, or even with the nanny agency we still suggest you do an independent background search on the individual in question for, if nothing else, peace of mind. Background checks can help parents ensure they are hiring the best, most trustworthy candidate to take care of their children and keep them safe. 
Although not necessary, especially if you are inviting these people into your home to take care of your children we suggest asking the potential candidate for their permission to run a nanny background check. You will find that how they respond to this question may be all you need in most cases. Obviously, someone who is apprehensive may not want you to learn something about their past that would hinder them from being hired and you would most likely not want to change your children’s safety and care to someone like this. You will need their full legal name, their social security number, and some form of identity verification. Once you have this information, WB Investigations can run a full background check. Our background searches are state of the art in their completeness, with a wide range of coverage across the US. Once you receive the background information you can compare and contrast the information they already provided with what you are provided in the background check. Most important will be their criminal record if they have one, which will immediately disqualify them from this type of service.
When you order your nanny background check through us, know that you will receive the most professional and personable service possible. We take pride in our work and give the client as much attention as they want. We are always here to help and give the best possible advice and counsel. So call today at 704-266-4224 and experience the difference of what it means to be well taken care of.
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