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WB Investigations for Lawsuit Investigators in Charlotte, NC. Our society has taken the ‘shoot first and ask questions later’ attitude and turned it into ‘sue first and then ask who else you can sue.’ Often times, these lawsuits are targeted at big corporations but more and more the targets are private citizens and small businesses. The big corporations have teams of lawyers and some even have contingencies in their budget for out of court settlements. These are luxuries that small businesses and private citizens do not have so they are bound for court to defend themselves against liability lawsuits.

While some liability lawsuits have some aspects of truth in them, what is not the truth is often hidden. When you are defending yourself or your business against such lawsuits, you need to see the unseen and discover the hidden. Many law firms have private investigative teams but they might be working on multiple cases simultaneously. This is where WB Investigations can help.

Our staff of experienced Charlotte liability case investigators are trained in the latest investigative and surveillance techniques. Combined with experience investigating cases like these, experience developed over long careers, our team can help you determine all the facts and see what is potentially being hidden that could turn the case in your favor. We will build up a complete dossier that can be easily integrated into your defense, providing the court with evidence to support your case. As always, the member of our investigative team can act as expert witnesses, providing corroborating testimony to support the evidence within the dossier you and your legal team is presented.

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