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Private Investigator South End, Charlotte, NC

Private Investigator South End Charlotte NC

Background Checks

WB Investigations Private Investigator offers Infidelity, Background, Child Custody, and Missing Person Investigations for South End, Charlotte, NC. 

Private Investigators are licensed and highly trained professionals with years of experience. WB Investigations has the experience and license required for effective investigations. WB knows and understands what clients need to prove their case or provide all of the necessary information needed. 

Private Investigators are well equipped to handle all manners of investigations, which could include civil and criminal matters. They provide valuable insights into potential risks as well as recommend the most effective countermeasures for your case or investigation.

Charlotte Private Investigators are an excellent way to find lost or missing relatives, prove cohabitation in child custody cases, prove infidelity, and provide background information on new relationships or new hire employees. 

WB Investigations is owned and operated by a Navy Veteran, so clients can expect, integrity and dedication in every investigation. Our team would love to speak with you and get the details of your case and provide you with the information and confidence needed to hire WB for your investigation. 

Make sure and check out our online reviews here on the website or on Google to see what others are saying about our services.  We look forward to hearing from you. 

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