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WB Investigations Private Investigator is the professional choice for a North Carolina Private Investigator. Our services are performed in the most ethical and professional manner to protect our client’s best interests. The more common investigation services today are; infidelity investigation, background checks, child custody investigation, insurance investigation, missing person investigation, and cohabitation investigation. Our firm is owned and operated by a Navy Veteran who takes pride in his business and making sure each of his clients receives the best possible service. We are commonly listed on Google, as a private investigator near me, throughout the Charlotte Metro. Listed below are a few important factors to consider when you are choosing a private investigator

1. Is The Private Investigator Licensed

A Practicing License is a very important aspect that should always be considered when choosing your investigator. Unfortunately, there are investigators that do not have a genuine practicing license. Without a license, they are most likely to offer services that are vague. Investigators with a license are vetted properly by a licensing agency. This is to ensure that the type of services offered, meets the required quality standards of the investigation industry.

2. Private Investigator Experience

Certain types of investigations, such as Infidelity Investigation requires a private investigator  with proven experience. It would be advisable to consider one with direct experience related to this type of investigation. In the field, new investigators do not have on the job the experience of veteran investigators. Complex procedures will easily challenge someone new. It is advisable to choose investigators with proven experience, as experienced private investigators are not challenged by complex procedures required to provide the legal proof needed. 

3. Testimonials

Testimonials are the comments, positive or negative, that are posted by past clients on Google, Yelp, and Social Media. In most cases, these comments are from the people who have used the private investigator services. Most of the testimonials should be positive, if the comments are negative, you should consider looking for other investigators with positives testimonials. 

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