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Private Investigator


We have the know-how, equipment, and access to the best databases to carry out any investigation you require, from infidelity surveillance to asset investigations and simple location inquiries.

Our Private Investigator team is Exceptional

We are aware that not everyone has the same level of comfort when hiring a Private investigator. Despite each case being unique, our private investigation team nonetheless maintains the same strict standards of secrecy and discretion.

WB Investigators provide prompt, discreet, effective, and competent investigative services for any occasion. Not until you’re happy will we consider the job done.

Why You Need to Hire Us As Your Private Investigator in Charlotte, NC

We serve the people of Charlotte and the surrounding region in North Carolina with our extensive knowledge in private, corporate, commercial, and legal investigations. 

  • Our team has helped with criminal defense investigations and court cases.
  • We have collaborated with legal professionals, business leaders, concerned members of the public, and members of the family.
  • Our tracking service has helped bring long-lost relatives back together.

Respect for Privacy and Confidentiality

Our hand-picked team of specialists has access to resources worldwide, allowing them to quickly, efficiently, and affordably solve problems for consumers and businesses.

100% Compliant

You can trust that your case will be handled by our highly skilled investigators according to the norms and regulations of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, the Privacy Law Act, and the Evidence Law Act.

Most Reliable Private Investigator Charlotte

You’re in the right place for an amazing service! As a trustworthy private investigation firm, we take our responsibilities and client privacy very seriously. 

We provide private investigative services to both individuals and businesses at affordable rates without sacrificing quality. You can count on us to be by your side during any big or small inquiry. 

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Hire Us For Any of the Private Investigations

To save you the trouble of digging for the facts, our private investigators are here to help you discover the truth.

  • Business Investigations

Good business judgments can never be made in an environment of uncertainty. So choose wisely with the help of WB Investigations Services.

  • Commercial Investigations

In order to make sound business decisions, you need reliable data. Our highly experienced private investigators can assist you in gaining access to it.

  • Companies Investigations

Our private investigators have several years of experience in investigating companies. We conduct in-house probes to provide you with the information you need to make a wise choice.

  • Insurance Investigations

We may conduct a covert and comprehensive insurance investigation on your behalf to verify the legitimacy of a claim.

  • Marriage Investigations

Sometimes, it’s worse to have incomplete information than to be withholding suspicions about your partner’s possible infidelity. Therefore, if you or a loved one suspects their spouse of infidelity, we may conduct a matrimonial investigation to assist you in getting the answers you want.

  • Other Private Investigations

WB Investigations conducts a wide variety of business, legal, and private investigations. As members of our professional organization, we adhere to a rigid code of behavior.

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Do You Need a Private Investigator in Charlotte, NC?

Get a fast, trustworthy, and discreet service from our private investigators. 

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