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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we are licensed in Both North and South Carolina.
Unlike many agencies, WB Investigations is very selective of the cases it undertakes as such we don’t subcontract your case and work will be completed by us and us alone. You can and will have the ability to reach us at any time and receive answers to your concerns immediately.
When you hire us, we tell you up front what the charges are and what you should expect to pay on the average. All cases are different and we try to work with all clients no matter their fiscal standing.
Investigative costs are never cheap, but in most cases hiring a professional can save you thousands later down the line.
Yes, in fact most if not all investigators do. Again we are open to working with the client based on what their necessities are.
We can guarantee that we will do the best job possible and hold ourselves accountable to making sure that you as the client come first before anything else.
Yes we do provide a free no-obligation telephone consultation and will dedicate the needed time to understand your needs. During the consultation we will explain our services and discuss our rates.
Absolutely every phone call, including your consultation is confidential. There is no way someone will learn from us that you contacted our agency unless you confessed to a crime. We do not sell or share our customer or potential customer information to anyone. Your identity will be safeguarded.
To ensure that your call to us is completely private, you will need to take precautions to ensure that only you know of the call. If you call us using your cellular phone make certain to erase the call log. If you call us from your home phone then be certain to erase the phone number so someone can’t push the redial button. Taking these simple steps will afford you the greatest degree of confidentiality and privacy.
  • BACKGROUND INVESTIGATIONS including Criminal History Search, Civil Record Checks, DMV Searches, Professional License Verification, Reference Checks, Social Security Verification, Bankruptcy, Judgments & Lien Searches, Asset Locates and Property Searches

  • SURVEILLANCE including  Hidden/Covert Cameras, Telescopic Lenses, DVD Video Transfers performed by Seasoned Surveillance Professionals

  • Insurance Investigtions & Claims including Workers’ Compensation Investigations, General Liability Investigations, Disability Investigations, Activity Checks, Alive and Well Checks, First & Third Party Fraud, Witness Locates, Subpoena and Notary Service

  • MATRIMONIAL INVESTIGATIONS including Infidelity Matters, Office Relationships, Undercover Operations, Domestic Investigations, Spousal Surveillance Services, Family Law, Child Abduction Issues and Asset Locates

  • CRIMINAL DEFENSE INVESTIGATIONS including Witness Locates, Interviews and Statements, Alibi Reinforcement Interviews, Crime Scene Investigations, Correctional Institution Interviews

  • SCHOOL DISTRICT SERVICES including Address History Checks, Primary Residence Checks, Utilities Checks, Landline Reverse Searches, Student Residency Checks, Surveillance, Neighborhood Canvasses, Investigator Testimony

You need to call us to obtain a free consultation or provide us with a number that we can call you. After assessing your situation we will determine a course of action and then prepare a contract for service.
Determining the cost of an investigation, any investigation, missing persons, liability or any other, before commencement is impossible but once we have a clear understanding of your situation we can estimate how much an investigation could possibly cost. During the Free consultation we will better estimate the approximate cost. Some determining factors of cost will be the nature of the investigation, the duration of the investigation, as well as the difficulty level of the investigation.
Each situation and each case is different and until we get started we can only estimate the duration of an investigation.
Our investigative evidence is admissible in a court of law or any legal proceedings and all of our investigators are available to provide Expert Testimony Service in support of the dossier of evidence we compile and present you with..
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