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Private Investigator

WB Investigations Private Investigator is an ideal choice when you are in search of a professional and Licensed Private Investigator. WB Investigations is licensed by the North Carolina Department of Justice through its Private Protective Services Division. When searching for a private investigator, search engines such as Google provide many results which to choose from. Searches for “private investigator” will provide results for paid ads that may not be the best of choices. Give us a call today to see the difference! 


Our goal as a Charlotte Private Investigator is to ensure that our clients receive an optimum all-inclusive and detailed service. Our company staff is made up of highly trained professionals that possess excellent work ethics handling every case with a high level of discretion, knowledge, and experience. We are the most sought-after Private Investigator Near Me for searches in Charlotte, NC.

WB Investigation has achieved huge success over the years providing hundreds of proven cases, ranging from child custody, insurance fraud, lawsuit investigation, infidelity investigation as well as insurance fraud, thus, proving we provide our clients with excellent, legal details that can be used efficiently in any legal proceedings. Among the details we present we make available testimonies of eyewitnesses (if so desired) which give more grounds to support our findings. 

As a North Carolina Private Investigator, it is also worthy of note that the company has worked with both law firms, and members of the law enforcement in pursuance of our goal to provide the very best investigation services available. We are the leading Private Investigator Charlotte NC

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    Private Investigator Near Me?....We Are Here!

    Over the years we have grown to become a leading private investigator Charlotte NC as a result of the extra dedication, commitment, and expertise we apply to the cases presented to us. 

    WB Investigations is a private investigator company that is built on trust, compassion, and professionalism. These have been the foundations that have led to our growth and numerous achievements while maintaining a firm knowledge of the laws and legal systems present in the state of North Carolina and its municipalities. Our commitment to providing the best investigative and surveillance services is what we refer to as our corporate DNA.

    Having worked with a good number of clients, who have expressed satisfaction at the quality and expertise of our services, you are assured that we will provide the best possible service. And not just here in Charlotte, WB Investigations is quickly becoming the professional choice for all Carolinians. Our trustworthy and dependable service is available to you 24/7 whether as an individual, a small business, or a large corporation. We also offer consultancy services where our private investigators have a face-to-face discussion with you.

    Our Services

    Child Custody Investigation

    One of the most heartbreaking aspects of separation and divorce is custody of children that were born into the marriage.

    Cohabitation Investigation
    Cohabitation Investigation

    If you think your ex is breaking your cohabitation agreement, let the professionals at WB Investigations get the proof.

    Insurance Investigation

    The United States was founded on the theory hard work, honesty and sacrifice will afford every man and woman the equal pathway to success as everyone else.

    Background Checks
    Background Checks

    You are about to bring someone into your inner circle, whether it is a nanny for your children, a new employee for your company, a prospective spouse of domestic or a business partner.

    Infidelity Investigation

    Everyone dreams of getting married to the one we love and building a life and family together. The search for the person who is right for us can be long one filled with disappointment that is eventually justified when we meet the one.

    Missing Person Investigation

    Are you looking for someone such as a deadbeat dad, a birth parent, a family member or even a long lost friend? WB Investigations can help you find this person.

    What Our Clients Say

    A professional, outstanding team! Had I not used them, I would not have been able to prove marital misconduct and alcohol abuse in court. They provided firm and objective evidence. The cost is nothing compared to what you save in the long run.
    IV Collins
    This investigator is extremely knowledgeable and made me feel at ease dealing with our family issues. He is great and I would recommend him to anyone in need.
    Bryson Lynce
    WB investigations are very detailed with the work they do. Extremely professional and produce great results. They do extremely honest work and I will definitely hire them again if I ever need to!
    Chris Guyton

    Private Investigation Service Areas

    Service zip codes we provide Investigation services for in and around the City of Charlotte, NC

    28202 / 28203 / 28204 / 28205 / 28206 / 28207 / 28208 / 28209 / 28210 / 28211 / 28212 / 28213 / 28214 / 28215 / 28216 / 28217 / 28226 / 28270 / 28105 / 28104 / 28206 / 28173 / 28707 / 28715 / 28278 / 28273 / 28206 / 28708 / 29730 / 29732 / 29745 / 29710 / 28012 / 28056 / 28054 / 28120 / 28052 / 28034 / 28164 / 28078 / 28031 / 28080 / 28075 / 28206 / 28262 / 28027 / 28227 / 28206 / 28206 / 28079 / 28110 / 28173 / 29720 / 28174 / 28107 / 28025 / 28083 / 28183 / 28023 / 28036 / 28081 / 28037 / 28092 / 28673 / 28115 / 28117 / 28166 / 28125 / 28677 / 28138 / 29708 / 29715 / 29730 / 29731 / 29732 / 29733 / 29734

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