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Private Investigator

WB Investigations Private Investigator is an ideal choice
when you are in search of a professional Licensed Private
Investigator for Background Checks.

Private Investigator Services

— Private Investigator Services

Background Checks

Background Checks

"Know Who's in Your Circle"
Welcome to the Sherlock Holmes corner of life's little mysteries! Are you about to let someone new into your world? Maybe a nanny who’ll know your fridge's contents better than you, a hotshot employee who might just brew the next big idea, or perhaps a business partner with more secrets than a soap opera character? Let’s dig a little deeper together and ensure your inner circle is more 'Fort Knox' and less 'open season'.

Infidelity Investigation

Infidelity Investigation

"Finding the 'One', or Finding Out About 'The Other One'?"
Ah, love – isn’t it grand, until it’s not? If you're tossing and turning, wondering if your better half is really your 'better' half, we're here to help. We turn the stones they thought were best left unturned. It's like a romantic comedy, but you get to decide the ending.

Missing Person Investigation

Missing Person Investigation

"Playing Hide and Seek with Adults"
Looking for someone? A long-lost love, a family mystery, or that friend who owes you ten bucks from 1997? Whether it's a deadbeat dad or a long-lost sibling, we're like the internet's 'search' button but for real life. Let's find your missing piece of the puzzle!

Child Custody Charlotte

Child Custody Investigation

"Your Kids Deserve the Best… Detective"
Divorce is tough, and the 'who gets the kids' part? Even tougher. But fear not! We’re here to ensure your little ones end up where they should – in the safest, happiest place possible. Think of us as the superheroes in suits, minus the capes.

Cohabitation Investigation

Cohabitation Investigation

"Is Your Ex Playing House with Someone Else?"
Think your ex is turning 'no strings attached' into a full-blown puppet show? Let’s find out if they’re cohabiting more than just memories. We’re like the reality TV show of investigations – all the drama, none of the script!

Insurance Investigation

Insurance Investigation

"Unmasking the Fakers"
In a world where some think 'honest work' is an oxymoron, we're here to prove them wrong. Insurance fraudsters, beware! We’re on the lookout, ready to jump into action. It's a bit like a detective movie, only the popcorn is optional.

Private Investigator Near Me

Your Trusted Private Investigator
in North Carolina & South Carolina

WB Investigations: Where Integrity Meets Expertise

Founded in 2005 by the highly esteemed William Batista (Willy), WB Investigations stands as a beacon of trust and professionalism in the field of private investigation…

Our journey began in North Carolina, stemming from Willy’s rich experience in investigative work, particularly in the insurance sector, within the prestigious circles of the New York Tri-State Area.

Willy’s career is marked by his distinguished service in the United States Navy along with his academic achievements, including a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science at The State University of New York in Stony Brook.

Willy’s relentless dedication and countless hours of fieldwork have guided WB Investigations into a firm where experience meets empathy, making WB the go-to private investigator for anyone seeking the best for their investigation needs.

Personalized Investigation Services: Tailored for You

As a professional private investigator in the Charlotte Metro area, we specialize in many types of investigations which include infidelity, missing persons, background checks, child custody, and adultery investigations.

Our approach is taken personally – every case we investigate is handled by Willy, this ensures confidentiality, thoroughness, and a deep understanding of our client’s situation.

Willy goes above and beyond for every investigation; offering our clients peace of mind.

Our goal is to make sure our clients are comfortable through the complex issues of their cases, ensuring discretion and providing results every client expects. Unlike many other private investigation firms; we are the personal guide our clients need when uncovering the truth.

Our Commitment to Confidentiality

At WB Investigations, we understand that reaching out to a private investigator can be difficult during challenging times.

Our commitment to our clients is personal support, from the first call to the resolution of every investigations.

Whether you choose to work with WB or not, WB is here to provide guidance and insights for every investigation. We help clients make informed decisions that provide the peace of mind each client deserves.

WB Investigations Private Investigator is licensed in both North Carolina and South Carolina, with a network and experience that extends beyond state lines, providing clients with a resourceful and reliable partner in their search for answers. 

WB Investigations: Your Pathway to Clarity and Resolution

When you need a private investigator, look no further than WB Investigations. We don’t aim to be the biggest; we aim to be your most reliable choice when it counts. Connect with us for a discreet consultation, and let us be your guide in navigating the uncertainties you face.

— Why Choose WB?

Got a Mystery? Charlotte, Meet Your Sherlock!

Hey there, Charlotte! Looking for a private investigator who knows the Queen City like the back of their hand? Well, drumroll, please… WB Investigations is the name, and solving mysteries is our game! We’ve grown to be the Sherlock Holmes of Charlotte, NC, thanks to our cocktail of dedication, commitment, and Sherlock-level smarts.

WB Investigations: More Than Just a Detective Agency

Picture this: A private investigator firm built not just on the usual trust and professionalism, but also with a hearty dose of compassion. That’s us! We’re like your favorite detective novel, but better, because we’re real and we know North Carolina’s laws like we wrote them ourselves. Our corporate DNA? It’s made up of equal parts sleuthing excellence and a relentless drive to get you the answers you need.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: Your Go-To PI in Carolina

Our client list? It’s longer than a grocery list before Thanksgiving! And guess what? They’re all raving about our top-notch service. Whether you’re in Charlotte or anywhere in the Carolinas, we’ve got you covered. Our doors (and phone lines) are open 24/7, ready to assist whether you’re a solo act, a small business, or a corporate giant. And hey, if you fancy a chat face-to-face, our private investigators are all ears and ready for a good old consultation, detective-style.


— Read What People Are Saying About Us…

A Lifesaver in a Trench Coat

“When I suspected my business partner of shady dealings, I was at my wit’s end. Enter WB Investigations – they were like a superhero team in plain clothes. Their thorough investigation not only saved my business but also my peace of mind. If you’re in a bind, these are the folks to call!”

The Compassionate Detectives

“Dealing with a potential infidelity case is never easy. I felt lost and confused, but WB Investigations handled my case with such empathy and professionalism. They provided clarity and evidence that helped me make informed decisions. Truly, they’re not just private investigators; they’re compassionate guides through tough times.”

Charlotte’s Finest Investigator

“As a small business owner, I’ve had my fair share of background check needs. WB Investigations has been my go-to for all things investigative. Their detailed reports and quick turnaround time are unmatched. It’s no wonder they’re known as Charlotte’s finest!”

Mystery Solved with a Smile

“Looking for a missing loved one was like searching for a needle in a haystack. Thanks to WB Investigations, what seemed impossible became possible. Their tenacity and expertise brought our family back together. And their friendly approach made a difficult time a little easier.”

Beyond the Call of Duty

“When I needed evidence for a child custody case, WB Investigations went above and beyond. They not only gathered crucial information but also supported me throughout the process. Their dedication to their clients is something you don’t see every day. I’m forever grateful for their help.”


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