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Counter Surveillance

Counter Surveillance Charlotte NC

Counter Surveillance

Counter surveillance refers to measures that are usually undertaken by the public to prevent surveillance including covert surveillance.  Counter surveillance may include electronic methods such as technical surveillance countermeasures which is the process of detecting surveillance devices. It can also include cover listening devices, visual surveillance devices, and counter surveillance software to thwart unwanted cybercrime, such as accessing computing and mobile devices for various nefarious reasons (e.g. theft of financial, personal or corporate data). Often, counter surveillance will employ a set of actions (countermeasures) that, when followed, reduce the risk of surveillance.

At WB Investigations Private Investigators we aim to assist the public in any capacity which would bring them safety and comfort in their everyday lives. If you feel you are being watched, followed, stalked and or tracked electronically we have the know-how to reduce and or mitigate the potential consequences. Let us bring our experience and know how to service you in your time of need.

We will conduct a thorough assessment of your situation, and provide you with the knowledge you will need to thwart anyone who seeks information.

We are located in Charlotte, NC but can travel to any locale and assess any situation. Give yourself a piece of mind and reach out to us for an initial free telephone consultation. Call today at 704-266-4224 or email us at [email protected] 

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