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WB Investigations Private Investigator has been servicing SouthPark, in Charlotte, North Carolina since its inception and now they are your neighbor. As a Charlotte Private Investigator Near Me, WB Investigations Private Investigator is a small agency with big results. Their business model of placing the client first before all has paid off well and it shows. Their attention to detail, their unending compassion and their dedication to their craft is visible in all they do. 
WB Investigations Private Investigator is considered to be one of, if not the best investigative agency in Charlotte, North Carolina. Since 2005 they have been providing supreme services to individuals as well as corporations in the field of investigative reporting. Initially as a worker’s compensation investigation company they have evolved to handle matrimonial affairs as well as cohabitation investigations. Now WB Investigations Private Investigator handles all types of issues running the gamut from work place litigations of all sorts to your run of the mill cheaters. Surveillance is where they make their mark, these guys can follow anyone without so much as leaving  a hair of suspicion when done. “Our goal is to leave a case and be able to return as many times as we can without there ever being a shroud of suspicion”- William Batista.
Why did we transfer from the Steele Creek region to the South Park area? The answer is as simple as convenience to our clients. We found that this was a more centralized location for meeting and conducting business in a more efficient manner. We still make it easy for the client as we go wherever the client requires thereby giving the client more options and liberty to go about their day. Give us a call today not only find out what we can do for you but feel confident that you are not only calling the best you will also receive the most trusted and secure advice without having to spend a single dime. WB Investigations Private Investigator in South Park, NC is your one stop shop and advise location. Call us the best when the rest just don’t stack up. 
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