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Investigations in the time of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

With all that is going on in the world today you may think hiring a professional investigator to secure information on your behalf is by far the least of your worries, but this thought could not be further from the truth. The fact is that in this temporary new world of social distancing and stay at home orders it becomes even more poignant to get the facts straight and documents in proper form.

I just recently had a client who suspected her husband of having a prolonged affair, but she was having trouble pinpointing with whom and where this was happening. The current “state of affairs” here in Charlotte, NC or rather I should say, the world provided her with a seemingly unique opportunity to obtain the identity of the individual she felt knew existed. How so you may ask? Well, the client was smart enough to realize that with the closure of most businesses and places to go the chances that her husband would travel to a paramour’s domicile was extremely high and so she hired us to help her get the information she was looking for. So, on a set date and time we headed out and so began the quest. The client’s husband would come up with excuses to leave the house and would often say he would be either going to the store or out to exercise but would not return for couple of hours at a time and always with the same excuse of “ he got lost in his time and thoughts”. On he went and well, you know the rest.

The illustrated point above is that there is always an opportunity and sometimes the opportunity becomes clearer and more decisive in times where it seems our backs are against the wall. Most people would think this to be the worst time to hire a professional investigative service when in fact this is probably the best time to save yourself time and money because of that precise situation we all are currently faced with.

At WB Investigations we thrive on the opportunity to help assist our clients in obtaining the legal information they require in order to better their lives. We have the tools and knowhow and have the experience necessary to make sure that you get your money’s worth and more. We are your investigative “fiduciary” and have your best interest in mind.

Aside from the traditional services offered there are other ways of obtaining information which do not require physical surveillance. Calling us today and speaking with one of our investigators costs nothing and we are not afraid to dispense with advice and guidance. We hope all stay safe and healthy and know that we shall get through this, hopefully stronger and more prepared for what is ahead.

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