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Private Investigator in Charlotte, NC Entering Phase-1

As our nation and the world is gripped by the Coronavirus Pandemic it is, in my opinion, important not to lose sight of the potential bright future that is ahead of us. As always, all one must do to be reminded of the ills of the world is to turn on your newsfeed and preferred source of information and it would appear all hope is lost. This is not to mitigate the real fear, pain and suffering to include financial ruin that lots of Americans are feeling right now but what I implore the reader to do is brace himself for not too distant future where we are back to work and our markets are once again thriving. Never in the history of man has the world come together to find a cure. Our scientist are working round the clock testing new and exciting drugs that may one day be the answer to this most pressing of issues and it is up to us to hold out faith and hope that life will get back to what we know it to be.

With that in mind I emphasize “preparedness”, prepare for what is to come in all aspects to include legal. And so sticking to my rails, I would like to focus on just a couple of ways a private investigator such as myself can assist you in preparing for your case when dealing with child custody issues or a co-habitation matter here in Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas. Keeping a child from a parent is a true form of child neglect which must be confronted head on. In all cases the law tries to do what is in the best interest of the child and sometimes it does serve the “best interest” to keep the child from an abusive parent. There are times though where a custodial parent takes liberties in what amounts to a false interpretation of court rulings and for vindictive reasons attempts to keep the child from the opposing parent. One way we have been detecting this “tactic”, for a lack of a better term, is through the excuse of quarantine. Some unscrupulous parents have taken to keeping children from seeing mom/dad because they are not in the same household. In one recent case in one of our suburbs namely Matthews, NC we undertook an assignment showing that mom was not only keeping her children from seeing dad and using the aforementioned excuse but then taking the children to have “social time” with her best friend and their children. We were able to show through surveillance gross negligence on the part of the mother which the client could now use to bolster his case in front of the judge when the time comes.

While as an industry as a whole, there has seen a dramatic decrease in surveillance investigations such as the one mentioned above we have seen an uptick in professionally formulated background checks investigations which do not, for the most part, require the investigator to leave the confines of their office. While reasons abound for the need of this service, we have implemented ways to secure valuable information at a reasonable rate while maintaining strict adherence to regulatory laws.

As we prepare to enter the three different phases our Governor, Roy Cooper, has implemented to ease COVID-19 restrictions we anticipate a trickle then steadier flow of cases that will need investigative resolutions. Again, preparedness is key, and I suggest that the potential client begin the task of finding the right investigative company to handle their matters sooner than later.

At WB Investigations we are ready to help whomever and however we can and often dispense with free advice. Call a private investigator in Charlotte, NC today and begin the right relationship and partnership. A client once is a client for life.

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