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Scam Alert

WB Investigations Private Investigator has recently become alerted to a phishing scam where fraudsters are impersonating our business. We are thereby informing our customers to ignore suspicious emails or texts purporting to be from any representative from WB Investigations Private Investigator. It is important that the general public understand that legitimate businesses like ours would never solicit sensitive personal information through insecure channels like email or text messages. If you become aware of a phishing scam, report the scam to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center. We suggest that affected customers forward any phishing emails impersonating our business to the Anti Phishing Working Group http://www.antiphishing.org/ , a public-private partnership against cybercrime. Consumers also can file a complaint with the FTC. If consumers believe they may be victims of identity theft because of the phishing scam impersonating our business, they should go to www.IdentityTheft.gov where they can report and recover from identity theft. For more information about recommended computer security practices, consumers should head to resources on the FTC’s consumer information site where they can learn how to protect themselves online and avoid phishing attacks.

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