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Child Support Investigation

Child Support Investigation Charlotte NC

WB Investigations for Child Support Investigation Charlotte NC. While many times parents who have decided to go their separate ways will work to shield the children from the worst parts of the process, there can be extenuating circumstances where one parent is concerned about the welfare of the children should the other parent be granted partial or full custodial care. Or one spouse may be asked to pay child support but claim to not have the means to do so. Determining the facts and discovering what is and isn’t the truth is vital to making the case for custodial care and child support. In cases like this we can help.

Many times in cases like these one spouse believes the other spouse is engaged in activities that the children should not be exposed to. Or perhaps there is a fear that the children would be in danger due to associations and acquaintances the other spouse has. In terms of fighting requests for child support, one spouse may have hidden assets or hidden income streams that the other spouse is not aware of. Our team, through years of working as private investigators or law enforcement personnel, has become experts in surveillance and evidence gathering. We will develop a timeline of activities, combined with photographic and video evidence, which will help to prove that your spouse is not the best person to have full or partial custody of your children. Our Charlotte child support investigators are experts in tracking down assets, family domestic surveillance and verifying sources of income that were hidden from the other spouse. Additionally, our investigators are prepared to offer expert testimony to support the evidence they have compiled. The safety and well-being of your children is our priority as is your peace of mind.

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